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  • Yokosuka-chuo Area
  • Uraga・Kannonzaki Area
  • Near City Center
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  • Monkey Island
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Monkey Island

    The only ‘desert' island in Tokyo Bay, Monkey Island has lots of natural beauty and outdoor activities, including BBQ, swimming, fishing, and hiking. It also has historical significance as it was used by the Japanese in olden times as a defense post against invaders. There are many trails where you can take in all the sights.
    Address: 27 Ogawacho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
    Phone: +81-46-825-7144
  • Mikasa Park
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Mikasa Park

    Beautifully landscaped and historically significant, Mikasa Park is located on the waterfront. Featured is the historic Japanese Royal Navy Ship ‘Mikasa' that played a substantial role in Meiji Japan. There are also playgrounds and beautiful views of the bay.
    Address: 82 Inaoka, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
    Phone: +81-46-824-6291
  • A Cruz of Yokosuka Naval Port
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    A Cruz of Yokosuka Naval Port

    A 50-minute water tour on Tokyo Bay around the Yokosuka Port where you will see both the Japanese Maritime Self Defense and U.S. Navy operations and all the historical fishing and port services sites and facilities.
    Address: 2-1-12 Honcho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
    Phone: +81-46-825-7144
  • Dobuita Street
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Dobuita Street

    Dobuita Street is one of the most famous places in Yokosuka. Close to the U.S. Naval Base, it is heavily influenced by the American and U.S. Navy culture. There are many dart and billiard bars and souvenir shops that sell military clothing and paraphernalia.
    Address: 2 Honcho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
    Phone: +81-46-824-4917
  • Verney Park
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Verney Park

    A beautiful park is famous for its 2000 roses which are in bloom during the spring, summer, and fall. Verney Park’s centerpiece is a museum housing the significant maritime technological advances and iron works developed in Yokosuka.
    Address: 1-1 Shioiri, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
    Phone: +81-46-826-1490
  • Coaska Bayside Stores
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Coaska Bayside Stores

    Coaska Bayside Stores, Yokosuka’s new commercial shopping facility had its grand opening on June 2020. The facility's theme is "EAT, SHOP, and ENJOY." There are more than 100 gourmet, shopping, and entertainment stores inside the 6-story complex.
    Address: 2-1-12 Honcho
    Phone: +81-46-822-2244
  • Yokosuka Port Market
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Yokosuka Port Market

    Reopened in October, 2022!
    The Yokosuka Port Market, where you can get your hands on fresh fish and other famous goods from the Miura Peninsula. With the idea of having things produced and consumed locally, you can find many types of fresh fish and vegetables from the Yokosuka area. At the restaurant located inside, you can enjoy dishes packed with seasonal ingredients.
    Address: 6, Shinkoucho
  • Tokyo-Kyushu Ferry
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Tokyo-Kyushu Ferry

    The ferry operates between Yokosuka and Fukuoka, (Shinmoji Port). This ferry is equipped with an open-air bath, a planetarium, (a world's first) and other world class ammenities! You can enjoy the amazing scenery of Japanese Islands from the comfort of this state-or-the-art ferry while surrounded by the ocean vistas and soothing winds.
    Address: 11-4 Shinkoucho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
    Phone: +81-46-812-9110
  • Fishing boat KOYU-MARU
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Fishing boat KOYU-MARU

    A fishing boat with its signature yellow hull departs from the Shinyasuura Port. You can look forward to seeing what kind of fish you can catch, such as delicious horse mackerel, hairtail, and squid caught with shrimp bait. Fishing tools can be rented, so even beginners can enjoy casting their line and catching some fun here.
    Address: 3-4, Heiseicho
    Phone: +81-46-823-1860
  • Wakamatsu Market
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Wakamatsu Market

    Originally a ‘Black Market’ during the Second World War, the Wakamatsu Market in its small, hidden streets is home to small restaurants and bars. You must try the famous ‘Yokosuka Bra Ger’ which is a brandy and ginger cocktail invented here.
  • Yokosuka Arts Theater
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Yokosuka Arts Theater

    Famous for its superb acoustics, and beautiful ‘Opera House’ design, the Yokosuka Arts Theater offers theater, concerts, ballet, and all forms of the performance arts.
    Address: 3-27 Honcho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
    Phone: +81-46-828-1600
  • Onsen Nobori Gumo
    Yokosuka-chuo Area

    Onsen Nobori Gumo

    A natural ‘hot spring’ emanating 800 meters underground, Onsesn Nobori Gumo is famous for its health and beauty benefits. Visitors are amazed at the ‘Bijin’ or beautiful skin effect the bathing has. If you enjoy visiting natural hot springs, this is the place you want to visit.
    Address: 4-5 Sanocho
    Phone: +81-46-851-2617
  • Yura no Sato
    Uraga・Kannonzaki Area

    Yura no Sato

    A panorama ocean view and an outdoor hot spring, Yura no Sato offers spa services including various types of sauna and baths that Japan is so famous. It also has a restaurant where you can enjoy local seafood.
    Address: 4-1-23 Maborikaigan, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
    Phone: +81-46-845-1726
  • Ferry Connects of Uraga
    Uraga・Kannonzaki Area

    Ferry Connects of Uraga

    This ferry connects the east and west sides of Uraga. It’s an important method of travel for people who travel to and from the city. You can feel the pleasant sea breeze on the approx. 3 minute trip, and take in views of the Uraga Bay and Uraga Shipyard with its cranes and dry dock.
    Address: 1-1-1, Nishiuraga
    Phone: +81-46-841-1509
  • Nishi (West) Kano Shrine
    Uraga・Kannonzaki Area

    Nishi (West) Kano Shrine

    This is a place of power in Yokosuka which is said to grant wishes. It’s said that if you put a magatama bead from Nishi Kano Shrine, on the west coast, into a charm bag from the Higashi Kano Shrine, on the east coast, and keep it on your person, it will bring you good fortune in tying together relationships and many other things. This is a very popular tourist spot in Yokosuka.
    Address: 1-1-13, Nishiuraga
    Phone: +81-46-841-0179
  • Higashi (East) Kano Shrine
    Uraga・Kannonzaki Area

    Higashi (East) Kano Shrine

    Higashi Kano Shrine and Nishi Kano Shrine face each other from opposite sides of the bay. The two shrines are connected by the Uraga ferry. You can see the blue ocean behind the torii, which makes it a fantastic photo spot full of charm. All of the guardian dogs at Higashi Kano Shrine sit with their mouths closed, and are paired with the guardian dogs at Nishi Kano Shrine.
    Address: 2-21-25, Higashiuraga
    Phone: +81-46-841-5300
  • Chiyogasaki Battery trace
    Uraga・Kannonzaki Area

    Chiyogasaki Battery trace

    This is a western-style artillery battery site built by the former Japanese Army between 1891 and 1894. At an altitude of about 65m above sea level, atop a hill, you can see the sites of several artillery batteries and an ammunition storage. It retains its original appearance and was designated as a national historical site in 2015, also having been certified as a constituent cultural property of Japan Heritage.
    Address: 6-5-1, Nishiuraga
    Phone: +81-46-822-8484
  • Hashirimizu Water Source
    Uraga・Kannonzaki Area

    Hashirimizu Water Source

    This historic water source was used in the Yokosuka Shipyard. The brick reservoir and concrete water purification reservoir are designated as nationally registered tangible cultural properties and Japanese heritage sites.You can try mineral-rich, fresh spring water from the faucets inside the facility.
    Address: 1-2-1, Hashirimizu
    Phone: +81-46-822-8607
  • Yokosuka Museum of Art
    Uraga・Kannonzaki Area

    Yokosuka Museum of Art

    The Yokosuka Museum of Art highlights Yokosuka's interesting and historically aignificant architecture and works of art. The museum is situated between the ocean and forest and the blending of the two natural settings.
    Address: 4-1, Kamoi
    Phone: +81-46-845-1211
  • Uraga・Kannonzaki Area

    Kannonzaki Park

    At this park, you can enjoy the nature of the Miura Peninsula, surrounded by ocean and forest. Japan’s first ever Western-style lighthouse and a plaza with a gorgeous view of Tokyo Bay are popular tourist destinations. With art and history museums, a play area, restaurants, and more, you can enjoy a whole day of various fun activities here with the whole family.
    Address: 4-1262, Kamoi
    Phone: +81-46-843-8316
  • Yokosuka Route Museum
    Near City Center

    Yokosuka Route Museum

    This convenient website introduces a number of spots in Yokosuka as well as example sightseeing plans. There is a function for saving the places you’re interested in, and you can find and create your own thrilling sightseeing journey!
  • Le Soleil Amusement Park
    Near City Center

    Le Soleil Amusement Park

    Le Soleil Amusement Park, also known as ’Soleil Hill‘ is a French-inspired park where you can experience a wide variety of activities such a petting zoo, harvesting of seasonal vegetables and fruits, horseback riding and ‘foot-onsen’ baths.
    Address: 4 Nagai
    Phone: +81-46-857-2500
  • Kurihama Flower Park
    Near City Center

    Kurihama Flower Park

    The Kurihama Flower Park is famous for its beautiful scenery and its annual flower festivals, including a ‘cosmos’ festival during the spring, and a ‘poppy’ festival in autumn. You can also see many beautiful floral displays throughout the year.
    Address: 1 Jinmeicho
    Phone: +81-46-833-8282
  • Perry Park
    Near City Center

    Perry Park

    This park was created to commemorate the historical landing of Commodore Matthew Perry. The view of the blue sea and sky of Kurihama, seen beyond nearly 350 pine trees, is enchanting. Within the park, there is a monument commemorating Commodore Perry’s landing, historical records, and dioramas on display.
    Address: 3-25-15, Nobi
    Phone: +81-46-834-7531
  • Windsurfing school TEARS
    Near City Center

    Windsurfing school TEARS

    The Windsurfing World Cup is annually held at Tsukuihama Beach in Yokosuka. TEARS, located right on the beach, is the preeminent vender of professional windsurfing instruction and equipment rental. They offer lessons for all ages, including children! Our Front Desk will be happy to provide you with directions.
    Address: 1-2-11 Tsukui
    Phone: +81-46-840-1274
  • Yokosuka Paddle Club
    Near City Center

    Yokosuka Paddle Club

    The Yokosuka Paddle Club is the ‘Standing’ Paddling school at Tsukuihama beach, Yokosuka. They offer several types of lessons, depending on your skill level, from beginner to advanced ‘Fishing’ paddling.
    Address: 1-2-11 Tsukui
    Phone: +81-90-7207-5124
  • Tsukuihama Tourist Farm
    Near City Center

    Tsukuihama Tourist Farm

    Here is a popular spot where you can experience the flavor of a multitude of agricultural products from the Miura Peninsula. You can enjoy the bounties of all 4 seasons depending on the time of year, from oranges to strawberries and sweet potatoes. At the tourist center, fresh vegetables, pickles, jams, and more all created by local farmers are available for purchase.
    Address: 5-15-20 Tsukui
    Phone: +81-46-849-4506
  • Tateishi Beach
    Near City Center

    Tateishi Beach

    This area is famous for sightseeing in Yokosuka, featuring gorgeous scenery including the ‘Tateishi’ which juts out of the sea. When the weather is nice, you can see Mt. Fuji on the other side of the Sagami Bay. The scenery of the Tateishi with Mt. Fuji in the backdrop makes for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity.
    Address: 3-5 Akiya
  • Tenjin Island
    Near City Center

    Tenjin Island

    Tenjin Island, located on the western shore of the Miura Peninsula, is mostly untouched by humans and so from the shore to further inland, nature has been preciously preserved. Designated as a natural monument in Kanagawa Prefecture, it is a popular spot at which an amazing contrast between Hamayu, a large white flower that blooms along the coast in summer, and the sea can be taken in.
    Address: 3-7-3 Sajima
  • Mt. Ogusu
    Near City Center

    Mt. Ogusu

    Along the hiking course found on Mt. Ogusu, the highest peak to be found on the Miura Peninsula, you can enjoy the abundant nature and feel the 4 seasons, with flowers including cherry blossoms and rape blossoms. While it sports a 360 degree view of Yokosuka, you can also gaze out upon Enoshima and Mt. Fuji.
    Address: 3 Ashina
    Phone: +81-46-822-8294
  • Mt. Take
    Near City Center

    Mt. Take

    At 200 meters tall, Mt.Take features rhododendrons growing around its peak, and in early May, when the flowers are blooming beautifully, a rhododendron festival is held. There is a hiking course from Mt.Take to Mt.Gundai and Mt.Miura Fuji, and you can look down upon Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay from the observatory.
    Address: 1-3040 Take
    Phone: +81-46-822-8301
  • Mansho Temple
    Near City Center

    Mansho Temple

    This temple was built by Minamo No Yoritomo, and founded by the father of Yoshizumi Miura, “Yoshiaki Miura”, one of lords featured in the 2022 year-long drama series “The 13 Lords of the Shogun.” A number of important cultural properties such as the “Honzon Hana Gautama Buddha”, “Yoshiaki Miura Sitting”, and “Tengan Eko Sitting” are enshrined here.
    Address: 1-5-10 Oyabe
    Phone: +81-46-836-2317
  • Submarine Nijiiro Sakana Gou
    Other Areas

    Submarine Nijiiro Sakana Gou

    The semisubmersible type tourist boat, 'Nijiiro Sakana Gou', features a glass window on the bottom of the vessel that allows unobstructed viewing of the wonderful sea life.
    Address: 5-3-1 Misaki Miura
    Phone: +81-46-881-6721
  • Miura Beach
    Other Areas

    Miura Beach

    Here is Miura Beach, famous in the summer for swimmers and sunbathers alike. In other seasons, people still enjoy fishing and dog walking among other activities. Here you can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze while being surrounded by the blue sky and sea. The scenery laid out before you is so enrapturing you’ll need to catch your breath.
    Address: Kamimiyata Minamishimouramachi Miura
  • Jogashima Park
    Other Areas

    Jogashima Park

    The largest natural island in Kanagawa Prefecture, located at the tip of the Miura Peninsula. It’s connected to the Miura Peninsula via the Jogashima Ohashi Bridge, and offers a magnificent view of an enormous park, a ragged and rocky coast, and two beautiful lighthouses. There are multiple sightseeing spots filled to the brim with charm here on the island encompassed by nature.
    Address: Jyogashima Misakicho Miura
  • Hayama Kokusai Country Club
    Other Areas

    Hayama Kokusai Country Club

    A true ‘gem’ of a 36 holes golf course located in Hayama, about 15 minutes from our hotel. This superb golf course is famous for its spectacular views of the surrounding areas including Mt. Fuji.
    Address: 1043-1 Kikoba Hayamacho Miuragun
    Phone: +81-46-878-8111
  • Kamakura
    Other Areas


    Kamakura, home of the Great Buddha of Kamakura, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, and Komachi Street, is filled with visitors throughout the year. You can reach Kamakura Station in just 4 stops from JR Yokosuka Station. We recommend stretching your legs and taking a trip to this ancient city to experience Japanese history.
  • Yokohama
    Other Areas


    Yokohama is a popular and modern tourist spot where you can feel the ocean breeze, well known for its famous nightscape at the Minato Mirai. You can reach Yokohama Station in about 30 minutes without changing trains from the Central Yokohama Station. A day trip to enjoy the scenery of Yokohama during your stay at Yokosuka is certainly a charming way to spend your time.
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