There’s still more Japan
to discover.

There’s still more Japan to discover.

Our hotel is the entrance
to Yokosuka Adventures.
The first location “Hotel Yokosuka” opened on Yonegahama Street in 1967, and “Hotel New Yokosuka” opened on Dobuita Street in 1987.
Since its founding, the Hotel Yokosuka Group has walked hand in hand with the history of our city.
We pour our heart into providing the utmost possible hospitality for our guests, and help them create warm and happy memories.
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All rooms have excellent ventilation and plentiful sunlight created by a corridor and balcony that extends outdoors.

Video streaming services can be enjoyed on a large screen with our Android TVs. You can enjoy a luxurious stay enhanced with an attached kitchen, washer, and dryer, which lets you feel more like you’re at home than in a hotel.

All of the furniture was specialty made to order. In order to meet the needs of long-term guests staying for 'workations' or other pleasure, we have meticulously planned and accommodated plentiful storage space, spacious desks, free Wi-Fi, and other amenities to create a convenient, stress-free environment. The bed features a Serta Pocket Coil Mattress. Guests can experience the ultimate in sleep comfort on a mattress that combines qualities of both hard and soft mattresses.

Our hotel is completely smoke free. (Smoking areas available)


Lobby Rounge

Lobby Rounge

Our unique lobby design expressed the concept of “A breath of fresh air combined with Yokosuka’s unique melting pot culture and a retro atmosphere.” Here in the city of Yokosuka, among the passing of time, as some things evolve and change, and some things remain unchanged, we all hope to create an space where a truly diversified community can feel comfortable and at home, regardless of their race, generation, gender or creed.

Italian restaurant 'SALUS'

Our chef, who studied in Florence, Italy, and possesses a qualification as a vegetable sommelier, carefully selects fresh and delicious local ingredients to create the best in authentic, seasonal Italian cuisine.
OPEN LUNCH 11:00 am ~ 2:00 pm
CAFE 2:00 pm ~ 3:30 pm (L.O.3:00 pm )


Our hotels feature a characteristic 'U' shaped counter, centered around the bar. You can use your welcome drink coupon here to enjoy refreshments.
OPEN 4:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm (L.O.9:30 pm )
  • PC & Printer Room

    PC & Printer Room

    Feel free to use these computers and printers. They all have internet access.
  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi

    You can use Free Wi-Fi anywhere inside the Hotel.
  • Rent a Car

    Rent a Car

    Please ask at the front desk, and we will provide you with information on where you can rent a car.
  • Roof top BBQ

    Roof top BBQ

    Hotel guests can rent a BBQ space, where you can overlook Yokosuka city from, for only one group per day. There are cases in which cancellations are made due to rain and strong wind.
    ※Currently in preparation.
  • Outdoor Terrace

    Outdoor Terrace

    An open air terrace where you can enjoy natural light and the Yokosuka breeze. Meals may be enjoyed on the terrace as well.
  • Drink Corner

    Drink Corner

    We offer coffee and purified naturalized water completely free of charge, open 24-hours for all guests. Guests may fill the pot from their room with water and carry it back to their room as desired.
  • Smoking Areas

    Smoking Areas

    There is a smoking space on the outdoor terrace on the 1st floor as well as on the outdoor stairs on each floor.
    ※Smoking inside the hotel property is prohibited.
  • Foreign Currency Exchange Machine

    Foreign Currency Exchange Machine

    Currency changes can only be made from foreign currencies to Japanese Yen.
    ※Several foreign notes are supported.


Italian restaurant SALUS

Italian restaurant 'SALUS'

Italian restaurant SALUS
The popular restaurant originating on Yonegahama Street, 'SALUS', has opened its second location inside our hotel. Here you can enjoy a breakfast buffet or lunch/cafe services.

Our chef, who studied in Florence, Italy, and possesses a qualification as a vegetable sommelier, creates seasonal Italian cuisine using fresh “Yokosuka vegetables”, known for their sweet taste, and other carefully selected local ingredients. Homemade bread created from scratch can be enjoyed exclusively at breakfast time.
Italian restaurant SALUS
The Roman goddess, Salus, is the personification of health and well-being. Yokosuka, surrounded by mountains and the sea, is a charming city blessed with many wonderful elements. We want to use local Yokosuka ingredients to improve the health of our guests mind and body through delicious food. 'SALUS' was created for that purpose. Eat well, laugh well, drink well. Delicious meals connect directly to health.
  • Welcome Drink at the Bar

    Welcome Drink
    at the Bar

    Welcome Drink at the Bar
    We provide all of our guests with a coupon for a welcome drink at our bar, the 'Flying Cloud.' We hope you enjoy some time to unwind.
    MENU You can choose from a wide variety of drinks such as: beer, whisky, brandy, cocktails, wine, chuhai, soft drinks, ice cream, and more.
  • Maternity and Baby

    Maternity and Baby

    Cooperation with Event/Wedding Halls
    We offer the following services to ensure a comfortable stay for expectant mothers and babies. Please feel free to request any of the following:

    ・Non-caffeinated teas available in the drink corner.
    ・Rental items such as body pillows and baby cribs. Please inquire in advance as there is a limit to the number and lending period.
    ・Installation of multipurpose restrooms.
At our 24-hour free drink corner

At our 24-hour free drink corner

At our 24-hour free drink corner
At our 24-hour free drink corner on the 1st floor lobby, we offer coffee, tea, and purified naturalized water.
You may fill the pot in your room with water and take it back to your room. purified naturalized water (Electrolyzed hydrogen water) is rich in calcium, magnesium, electrolytes, potassium, and other minerals. It is beneficial for one’s intestinal environment, and provides both health and beauty benefits.


The Hotel Yokosuka Group was cited in 2018 by the Mayor of the City of Yokosuka, Mr. Katsuaki Kamiji for our excellent fire prevention program and safety record. We are totally committed to providing our honored guests with a safe and comfortable environment. Our hotels consistently receive very high reviews and comments from our guests regarding the high quality of our services and comfort. We sincerely hope that you consider our hotel your ‘home away from home.'

At our hotel, we are doing everything possible to preserve the environment and help address climate change and environmental pollution.
  • Eco-friendly guest rooms and lobby

    • We have prepared an 'eco-card' which can be found beside your bed head.
      By leaving the eco-card on your pillow case, we will make your bed without changing the bed linen, which saves many liters of water.
    • We do not provide bottled water, but instead offer delicious purified naturalized water from our dispenser at the first floor drink corner. Guests are free to fill their own bottles or the pot in their room with the water at any time.
    • At our restaurant, cafe, and bar, we provide 'biomass' straws made from sugar cane for guests who request a straw.
    • Toilet paper is only replaced upon full use, thank you for your understanding.
    • Refillable bottles are used for bathroom amenities such as shampoo.
    • Hotel toothbrushes are partly made with biomass and use 40% less plastic. (Other bathroom amenities are available for purchace at the front desk.
    • Single use slippers and night gowns are not provided, avoiding waste and minimizing waste water. (Slippers and night gowns are available for purchase/rent at the lobby)
  • Energy efficient guest rooms

    • We use energy saving batteries to reduce the amount of energy wasted when lights are inadvertently left on.
    • We have installed heat exchangers "ROSNAI" designed to reduce CO² and energy emissions while simultaneously bringing fresh air into the room in order to maintain a comfortable environment.
    • Fully automated dehumidifiers are also installed to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the air of each room.
    • The walls between our guest rooms are fully insulated to prevent temperature fluctuation from outside sources, including from above and below.
    • Guest room windows are fitted with double glazed eco-glass, which help to retain heat in the winter and keeps the room cool in the summer.
  • Other

    • All lights use LED bulbs.
    • We can direct you to the nearest charging stations for electric cars.
    • Selected cleaning products use certified palm oil.
    • We offer local souvenirs at our front desk designed to be environmentally friendly.
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