Travel like you live.

Enjoy a stay in Yokosuka like never before.

The nature and history of Yokosuka is a stone's throw away.

2 Minute walk to Mikasa Park and the pier for ships to Sarushima.

Enjoy cuisine made from local ingredients.

We do our best to put smiles on the faces of our guests with our fare.

A place you want to return to.

A place of respite where you can relax.

You’ll always want to be here.

Rooms designed specifically for a comfortable stay.
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The latest tourism hotel,
born amidst the exotic atmosphere of the port city of Yokosuka.

Here in Yokosuka, which supported the opening of Japan and the influx of Western technology, a rich history and culture has formed from the crossroads of multiple cultures coming together amidst the interwoven mountains, sea, and nature.
Hotel New Port Yokosuka was created as a base from which people could explore and enjoy Yokosuka.



In the midest of everything
Yokosuka has to offer
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