Yokosuka is among American and Japanese cultures might be your new experiences.

The HOTEL NEW YOKOSUKA, located in the center of the city of Yokosuka enjoys easy access to everything that represents that
‘I love Yokosuka feeling!’
The Hotel Yokosuka Group was founded in 1967 with the opening of the HOTEL YOKOSUKA
on Yonegahama Street and followed in 1987 with the opening of the HOTEL NEW YOKOSUKA.
Since then, we have been continuously expanding and renovating our hotel properties and now are one of the largest hotel companies in the area.
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All of our guest rooms are ‘smoke-free' and offer highest quality beds.
Our desks are actually ‘workstations' that are explicitly designed to facilitate efficient productivity and all of our rooms are equipped with both free Wi-Fi and LAN access.
Our guest rooms have other additional amenities that are designed to ensure your total comfort and rest during your stay.


Lounge and Bar

Lounge and Bar

Our Lounge covers 330㎡. In the middle of the lounge, there is the bar "INDY". There are TV, PC rooms and tables and sofas surrounding the bar. These spaces can be used as your office and your living room.

Club Lobby INDY

Club Lobby INDY
We are located close to the U.S. naval base, so we have many customers from the U.S at evening. The bar is customed to this circumstances. This bar expresses a part of Yokosuka City's features.
BAR OPEN 16:00~22:00(Last Order 21:30)
Club Lobby INDY
  • PC & Printer Room

    PC & Printer Room

    Wired LAN in the room is always fast.
  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi

    You can use Free Wi-Fi anywhere inside the Hotel.
  • Books & Newspapers

    Books & Newspapers

    Yomiuri Newspaper & Stars and Stripes Newspaper are delivered every morning.
  • Free Use Of Laundry Machine 24/7

    Free Use Of
    Laundry Machine 24/7

    4 Washing Machines / 4 Driyers / Detergent Powder.
  • Newspaper Vending Machine (Stars and Stripes)

    Newspaper Vending Machine (Stars and Stripes)

  • Water Dispensers / Vending Machines

    Water Dispensers
    / Vending Machines

    We provide Water Dispensers and Vending Machines at every guest floors.
  • Smoking Area

    Smoking Area

    There are Smoking Area at the corner of the floors and outside the corridors of the floors. All other area of this hotel is non-smoking.
  • Money Exchange between US and JPY

    Money Exchange
    between US and JPY

    We can exchange Money between $ and JPY. (Only over 1 dollar)


Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Buffet
We offer a buffet breakfast that includes a wide variety of both American and Japanese cuisine. Our delicious food offerings are all prepared ‘in-house' and some of our vegetables come directly from local farmers. We also include a selection of seasonal fresh fruit.
We have a contract with famers directly. We serve delicious dishes with fresh vegetables and fruits.
We have a contract with farmers directly. We serve delicious dishes with fresh vegetables and fruits.
Naturalized Water

Naturalized Water

Naturalized Water
We provide ‘Naturalized' - ionized water in our hotel which is specially treated and purified to promote maximum health, skin and hair care, laundry. Our advanced water purification system removes all chlorine and other impurities. This water is served free of charge in the lobby, (in our drinking fountains), and supplied to our room showers as well as our laundry.
  • Healthy
    • Our water is pure, colorless, odorless and tasteless.
    • Promotes healthy skin and hair.
    • Promotes superior laundry, body and hair cleansing.
  • Eco-Friendly
    • Our water prevents mold and mildew.
    • Requires less laundry detergent per load.
    • Removes foul odors naturally.


The Hotel Yokosuka Group was cited in 2018 by the Mayor of the City of Yokosuka, Mr. Katsuaki Kamiji for our excellent fire prevention program and safety record. We are committed to providing our honored guests with a safe and comfortable environment. Our hotels consistently receive very high reviews and comments from our guests regarding the high quality of our services and comfort. We sincerely hope that you consider our hotel your ‘home away from home.'


We introduce some our guests' reviews that they gave us here and hope that these comments would be helpful for your travel.
  • N.HN.H

    Outstanding Service, great location and best morning coffee in Yokosuka. I have stayed here many times. I lived in the hotel twice. Any times I have friends in town its the first place I suggest they stay. The service is always great and the morning coffee at the bar starts your day off great. The staff never let me down. THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO STAY!
  • D.TD.T

    My "home" away from home. Very courteous and professional staff. Buffet breakfast is always good, with both an American, and Japanese selection. Has a currency exchange in the hotel at the front desk for guests. Ideally situated for those working on the Naval Base..close to the base and night time entertainment, as well as numerous restaurants, shopping centers, and the trains. Rooms have hookups for your computer, and for those that didn't bring their own, there is a computer in the lounge area for your use, just ask the front desk. I stayed here for 6 1/2 months while working on-base, and enjoyed it immensely..
  • M.WM.W

    Hotel New Yokouska is an outstanding hotel in Yokosuka, Japan. During my one week TDY trip to Yokosuka, I am very satisfied by the hotel services. The room is great, breakfast is excellent, room cleaning and laundry services are great. Moreover, the front desk services is outstanding.
    I certainly recommended Hotel New Yokosuka for anyone who plan to visit Yokosuka, Japan. Please keep up a great job.
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